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  • Chemical checkers, Foamy Chemical checkers, surfactant, Emulsifier.
Chemical checkers, Foamy Chemical checkers, surfactant, Emulsifier.
  • Chemical checkers, Foamy Chemical checkers, surfactant, Emulsifier.

Chemical checkers, Foamy Chemical checkers, surfactant, Emulsifier.

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Brand:System Emulsifying SE-236-NH
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Checker chemical for foaming of hydrocarbons.

The TOV Makros_ntez enterprise brings to your attention production of own production created for highly effective chemical processing of oil, gas and gas-condensate wells for the purpose of an intensification of gas production and hydrocarbonic condensate in the conditions of flood and a congestion of hydrocarbonic condensate in a well trunk.

With the advent of liquid (water and condensate) in production of a well the gas output decreases that is connected with reduction of phase permeability of porous space for gas, flood of part of the gas-giving intervals, increase in losses of pressure in a bottomhole zone of layer, a trunk of a well and system of collecting gas at the movement of two-phase gas-liquid mix. At reduction of an output of gas below of minimum necessary value for carrying out of liquid there is an accumulation of water and hydrocarbonic condensate on a face and in a bottomhole zone and the well gradually stops.

For continuation of the period of stable work of gas wells in the conditions of flood and retrograde condensation of hydrocarbonic mix it is necessary to provide full and continuous carrying out from a face on a surface of all liquid which arrives from layer and drops out in a well trunk.

"Makros_ntez" offers TOV a method of cleaning of a trunk of a well of liquid by rise it on a surface due to periodic or continuous introduction firm or liquid making foam surfactant of the SE series in annular space or in lift pipes, and due to use of energy of reservoir gas and education in lift pipes of uniform, multiphase structure of a gas-liquid stream.

The SE series which are making foam surfactant are characterized by the high Surface-active, stabilizing, and dispersing properties, do not form rainfall at a speshivaniye with reservoir liquid, do not decay for long period of storage. On a surface of the gas-field equipment form the film constraining processes of corrosion, hydrate formation and salt sedimentations. Surfactant of the SE series improve dispergating of liquid due to decrease in its superficial tension on border with gas and, being adsorbed on a surface of drops of liquid, prevent their mechanical merge.

"TOV Makros_ntez" synthesizes the SE series of various types which are making foam surfactant depending on the general mineralization and composition of reservoir water, content in the made foam liquid of hydrocarbonic condensate and its physical and chemical properties.

In practice when processings wells, depending on characteristics of reservoir liquid, temperature on a face and a daily output, mass concentration applied surfactant in the made foam liquid can change from 0,01 to 1%.


SE - 236-NH

The checker chemical (stick) represents composition of solid surface-active substances. Over 75% are applied to foaming of gas condensate, oil, a water and oil emulsion with the content of hydrocarbons. All components of a checker completely of a rastvorima in water are also dispersed in hydrocarbons, do not form insoluble substances at contact with a fluid.

Some physical and chemical indicators:

Appearance of a checker The bricketed chemical
It is long, mm. 350-700
External diameter, mm. 15-40
Density at the 20th a hail. With g/cm3, in limits 1,19-1,21
Mass fraction of the main substance, % 50
Teperatura of melting, reptile. With, in limits 40-45
Time of full dissolution in well liquid, at a temperature of 40 a hail. With, minutes 20-30
Solubility in the mineralized water at the 20th a hail. With Completely rastvorima
Solubility in hydrocarbons at the 20th a hail. With It is completely dispersed, in the presence of water forms an unstable emulsion
Brand: System Emulsifying SE-236-NH
Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 01.12.2017

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